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Our Products

Colorful Masterbatch

The most common problem in color Masterbatch manufacturing is not getting close enough to the customer's target color tone. To solve this problem, Farbe offers its customers a wide color palette. You can place your orders by selecting them from the color catalogs that have become the international standard below, or you can request your special customer representative to perform laboratory work for you by our R & D unit based on your own samples.

We can manufacture by using the following international color catalogues.
  • Pantone
  • NCS
  • RAL
  • HKS

More than a color White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch is the most intensively used Masterbatch in all sectors after black Masterbatch. According to the requirements of the project specific to be used, especially the targeted color brightness, covering ratio, food and human contact, different properties can be produced. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is used as pigment in White Masterbatch manufacturing and Titanium Dioxide rate is determined to be used in production according to customer’s target color and price budget. The manufacturing process that starts with the selection of the most suitable carrier in Farbe is continued by processing the right amount of TiO2 in state-of-the-art machine tracks with the necessary additives.

From low-quality and cost-effective applications with high-level filler, to demanding applications with an extrusion coating with excellent dispersion and thermal stability, you can find answers to your needs at every level under the Farbe roof.

The main sectors where white Masterbatches are used most extensively are greenhouse covers, a wide variety of packaging products, electrical appliances, white goods, compound manufacturers and injection molding..

Black Masterbatch

Black Masterbatch is the most intensively used Masterbatch product in all sectors. According to the requirements of the project specific to be used, especially the targeted color brightness, covering ratio, food and human contact, different properties can be produced. Carbon Black is used as a pigment in Black Masterbatch manufacturing and the first job in line with the customer's target quality and price budget should be the selection of the right Carbon Black Type.

Black Masterbatches are used most extensively in the main products such as greenhouse covers, garbage bags, food packaging, sheet production and derivatives, automotive industry in the vehicle and front console, many accessories, fruit, vegetable and seedling viols, cables and drip irrigation pipes, grove pipes, and other network pipes.

Why do you have to choose us?

Farbe was born in the year of 2018 by two German entrepreneurs with 30 years of experience in the field of coatings, pigments and plastic carrier plastic recycling technologies and materials in the industry for over 30 years, 20 years with filament yarns, plastic hoses derivatives, engineering plastics, Masterbatch and heart stents in many different areas, including services rendered for the Group as a joint venture by NCC machinery Maydın Group and Net Plastic.

Our Team

Being a young and educated team in terms of the dynamism of innovation and to keep pace with quickly changing, from manufacturing, by using the most current technologies in every field of social media and benefiting from many advantages , Farbe has survived the market conditions that the company managers managed in knowledge, experience and work.

Special Solutions

Farbe has a customer representative available to each of our customers
24/7. We want our customers to find the same addressee with the same sincerity at the stages of sample, laboratory work, order, production and
shipment since the first meeting, and not to repeat themselves while communicating their demands and problems. In parallel with the same principle, you receive tailor-made services for your niche and value-added projects in Farbe Special carriers, unusual color shades and covering paints, engineering projects where cost is of great importance althoughhealth certification is required, non-flammable additives, UV blockers, anti-static additives, etc. and you can carry outthe whole process in contact with your own customer representative, and with our highly equipped laboratories and experttechnical staff.
You can reach a solution in the shortest time with the least error.

Our Major Products

Farbe manufactures white, black and color masterbatch with almost every carrier, mainly PET, PP, PE, PS and ABS.

Group companies’ experience of 20 years in the manufacturing of filament yarn and engineering plastics in Turkey places Farbe in a distinct position among the market players, especially in this area;

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  • PBT Masterbatch
  • ABS Masterbatch
  • SAN Masterbatch
  • EVA Masterbatch
  • PC Masterbatch
  • PS Masterbatch
  • PVC Masterbatch
  • PMMA Masterbatch
  • ABS Masterbatch
  • PMMA Masterbatch
  • PVC Masterbatch

Project-Specific Carrier Options

Almost any polymer carrier Masterbatch can be manufactured in Farbe. It is of great importance that the masterbatch is manufactured with the right carrier. This importance shows itself most in the following matters.

  • The technical properties of the manufactured Masterbatch (physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, corrosion, health and safety, etc. ) are to be adjusted according to the desired feature,
  • Having maximum compatibility with the compound to be used,
  • High level strength gain

PE Masterbatch

PP Masterbatch

PET Masterbatch

PA Masterbatch


Color studies to be done in accordance with customer demands are the main task of a Masterbatch laboratory, but it is never enough alone

Special projects involve special demands and, as our experience so far shows, the color does not mean anything to be consistent unless the other physical and chemical required for Masterbatch is properly acquired. Farbe has an in-house equipped laboratory and a young but experienced staff of engineers who operate it to respond to many test requests from customers as quickly as possible while marketing its products internationally. The following tests can be applied to all our products in our own laboratories depending on customer demands. In this way, our customers can receive the highest level of technical advice.

  • Melt Temperature
  • Let Down
  • Water Ratio
  • Heat Stability
  • Chemical Stability
  • Corrosivity
  • Resin Suitability
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Migration Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Light Fastness
  • Eco-toxicity
  • Application of compounds


Our customers can focus on their business with the confidence of always working with a consistent and permanent solution partner from the first order they place.

Uncompromisable high manufacturing standard

For Farbe, starting from procurement of raw material, pigment selection, manufacturing contributions, including all ancillary equipment which are used in the production of the machines and lastly, our greatest asset is undoubtedly the High German and international quality manufacturing standards in all areas of technical production team. We accept the processes of an uncompromising practitioner. Our customers can focus on their business with the confidence of always working with a consistent and permanent solution partner from the first order they place.

Pigment Selection

If the pigment used in the coloring of the manufactured Masterbatch is selected by taking into consideration the area of use, both the project and the costs for the customers are the most accurate. The customer demands that can be considered specific in this regard generally arise from baby supplies, toys, the pipes carrying drinkable water, the products requiring food contact and such.

To Be Used In All Manufacturing Methods

  • Extrusion
  • Compound
  • Injection
  • Sheet

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